In any subject, many people want to share there two cents worth, including when it comes to moving, whether you want it or not. To make the journey far simpler, some folks can actually give solid advice on the matter and truly help with a long-distance move. Some of the advice people share can make your local or long-distance move into a nightmare on the other hand. To help your move be a success, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to separate the myths and reveal facts considering the false information.

Is Friday the Best Day of the Week to Move?

Eventually involving into fact, the realtors started this rumor. Since most people have weekends off and commit to moving and getting settled during that time everyone has the same idea about moving. Getting a professional booked on the weekend can be challenging, particularly if you are a procrastinator and wait too close to your move. Many of the moving companies will increase rates on the weekend as well. Though it is the most convenient for most people, Friday is not the prime moving day.

Will Any Packing Box Do?

Materials and supplies matter and it is important to use quality products to ensure your possessions are safe and protected. Avoid using decrepit old boxes from your local grocery store and resist the urge to use 5-year-old tape that has been abused, or the marker that is practically dried out, or resorting to old catalogs in an attempt to wrap your fragile possessions in no matter how tempting it may be to save a few bucks. During transportation, it is in your better interest to provide more protection for your treasures and invest in appropriately sized boxes that are sturdy and fresh. To ensure those boxes are secure, use new, quality packing tape; protect the fragile items with bubble wrap; and a few fresh markers can clearly mark your labels.

Are All Moving Companies Identical?

From company to company, moving companies differ and a surprising number will sub-employ movers. Daily temps, that have no experience or training are recruiting to move client homes. Because too many people find their movers are inexperienced, untrained, and unprofessional in moving your home, this myth is one of the worst. Quality moving companies, like Good Time Moving & Storage, have experienced employees that are properly trained and always extend professionalism.

Do Movers Cover Damage?

Professional moving companies cannot cover it all if there is an issue and are only required to carry minimum financial loss pertaining to your valuables. For in the event of a catastrophe, it is always encouraged for movers to explore further insurance options and get full coverage on their stuff, particularly their valuables are covered and protected.

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