When it comes time for new scenery, new adventures, and new change of pace, the move to a faraway place seems like a romantic gesture, even if it is for career, family, or school. Bu no matter what the cause is, getting there may be more stressful than you originally thought. Where you might find yourself quite attached to the contents of your home, getting everything all packed up and ready for the long haul might be troubling, especially if you have a family to consider. Where there many things you will do right, like hire Sky Van Lines to get you there, there are some common mistakes people wish they avoided when they carried out their long distance move. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share those cautionary mistakes when planning your long distance move in an effort to help your move transpire more smoothly and efficiently.

What Should You Do & Not Do when Moving House?

1. Get an In-Home Moving Estimate. Many folks neglect the in home estimate when comparing moving companies. There are constrictions to consider, this is true, and however, without the in home estimate you cannot properly assess what you will need to move. There are special requirements, weight, and size of your moving load that are all factors in your long distance move. To ensure there are no surprises, be sure to get your in-house estimate for your long distance move.
2. Consider Layout of New Place when Moving. Square footage doesn’t always mean you’re getting more space. You are excited because your new home has a few hundred extra square footage than your current home does, and now in the back of your mind you have new found space for all your things. Unfortunately, they layout does not always make it so, especially once the bulk of the furniture has been placed and the way the rooms are sized. You may have more square footage but does that mean you have a big living room and dinky bedrooms or vice versa? Or perhaps you have a goofy “L” shaped dining room? Just keep in mind the layout of your new home when packing up.
3. Should You Declutter Before Packing? The more you take with you, the more it costs to transport. Before or during packing; take your sentimental treasures, the possessions you can’t live without, but downsize your load. Trash the garbage, donate or sell the stuff you simply don’t need. Remember this guideline “If you haven’t used in 12 months, you are not going to.” Obviously it doesn’t apply to everything, but for example the ugly sweater that’s been in the back of your closet for 5 years might be work donating.
4. Organized Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly. There are some furnishings and bulkier items better suited to be broken down for your journey. But whether you have the professionals do it for you, or your tackle the project yourself, keep track of the hardware! Many people find they have lost pieces and parts because they didn’t pay attention to where everything was being placed. Just disassemble in an organized and methodical fashion and keep track of where things get put or re-assembly.

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