When you are planning a move, either to relocate home or undergo a long distance move, those with an aquarium have a more challenging move. When you have an aquarium filled with fish, a move suddenly becomes more complex. To move an aquarium while not killing your fish, will take some consideration and more steps when moving. When you need to move your aquarium, Good Time Moving & Storage will share a few tips that may help moving with your fish far easier.

Can You Move Fish Long Distance?

When you have to move and you have invested in a grand aquarium filled with fish, shrimps, and even living plants, you will want to bring your aquarium. However, moving an aquarium is no simple task. Depending on the size of the tank you will need plenty of time to drain the tank and properly wrap and protect it for the move. When your aquarium is disassembled what do you do with your fish? Fish can be transported in a bag filled with enough water for a short period of time. For those who are moving long distances you may want to consider re-homing your fish and buying new ones. Long distances are very hard on fish and survival becomes less likely.

How Do I Keep My Fish Alive While Transporting to a New Home

When moving locally, or those who may want to take their fish with them on the move, you will need to come up with a game plan. You have a few options. If you are relocating locally, and you have the keys to the new home, you may want to take an entire day just moving the fish tank. You can move the tank first or have it be the very last thing you move. The idea is to have the fish out of the tank as short a time as possible. When you prepare to drain the tank have a place ready for the fish to go. Some people may have a mini tank for transporting fish or they will want to get fish bags. You can buy a stress conditioner just for transporting fish. The stress conditioner goes into the fish’s water which improves their survival. You can leave the fish in the tank while it is being partially drained. Take them out before the water gets too low. If you are using bag for the fish remember to fill the bags half way with water and that the bag is inflated with air the rest of the way. When the bag is sealed, the bag should have 50% water and 50% air.

Can You Move a Fish Tank with Water in It?

Once the fish has been removed, time is key. You will want to hurry and finish draining the tank and begin emptying it out and packing the tank décor. Once the tank is empty you will want to wrap the glass with moving blankets. If the tank comes apart, wrap each piece individually. For tanks that are one piece, you may need help moving the tank. A professional moving service can easily and quickly load the tank in to the moving truck. If you plan to move the tank the same day, have the movers load the tank last so it can be the first item unloaded and put in place.

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As a fish owner you must take the time and plan out a move in more detail. Make sure to do research on your fish and or plants and what they need to ensure they survive the move. Each species will vary in its needs. When you need help to move an aquarium and other belongings, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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