For some of us, books play a major role in our life, and over the years we have collected a massive compilation of books. When you have to move your personal library, it may become a major task. When you have a massive collection of books that you want to move there are a few steps you will want to take to ensure the books’ safety. Good Time Moving & Storage will share some book moving tips and considerations to help make your move easier and stress free.

Downsize Book Collection

A person’s library is often full of must haves, but are there any books you may not want to keep? When packing up books for a move, you may want to consider downsizing your collection. Book are heavy and they take up a lot of space during a move. To help make a move a bit lighter consider donating or even selling the books you know you will never want to flip through again. There are, of course, the classics and your favorites. Those will want to make sure you pack with care. When packing books, create a donate and/or sell pile, then put the rest of your books in the pile to be packed. When deciding what to do with you undesirables, look around your local community to see if there are any local libraries you can donate your books to or consider doing a garage sale or sell your books on eBay.

How Do You Pack Books for Moving

With the unwanted books dealt with, your next step is to determine packing materials. When moving books you will want the right boxes. For books, you will want a thicker or heavier box that can handle the weight of the book. As books can become very heavy, you do not want boxes that are too big. When it comes to books, you do not want any boxes bigger than 12”x12”x18”. If you go with larger boxes, they will be very difficult to move and the boxes can even collapse. If the boxes collapse, the books will come falling out. So it is important to not to use boxes that are too large when packing your books. Along with finding the right boxes, you will want to invest in quality tape to seal the boxes. When packing books you will also want to place packing paper in between each of the books. The paper will help protect the books from moisture. If the books do not fill in all of the space inside the box, you do not want the books shifting and moving around or they can become damaged. If there are empty spaces inside the box, fill it will bubble wrap. Some books are of higher value or are no longer in print. These books you will want to treat like an antique. Consider wrapping these books individually. Use either bubble wrap or pack paper to provide a protective layer.

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When packing books you will want to take the needed steps to ensure they are protected. When you are undergoing a move and need a professional moving services, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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