There is no way around it, a piano is one of the most dreaded items to move. They are an awkward shape, and most likely the heaviest item in your house. They are also one of the most valuable, and if you play it, one of the most treasured pieces in your home. Because of this, it is no surprise that you want to take upmost care when moving with our piano. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to talk about how you can prepare your piano for your upcoming move.

How Do You Wrap a Piano for Moving?

One of the first things you can do to get your piano ready for a move, is to wrap it, and wrap it well. It might be tempting to use leftover blankets lying around the house, but you should avoid this. You can buy professional grade padding to wrap it. Blankets will often end up falling off and slide easily. When you use professional grade padding you can buy it in foam and cloth form. This will stick to your piano much more efficiently than blankets will to provide the protection that your piano needs. Once you have wrapped it in padding, use shrink wrap to really hold that padding in place. You can’t use too much wrap, so use it liberally.

Where Do You Put the Piano in a Moving Truck?

When moving a piano, you want the surface you are setting the piano on in the truck to be level. This can be attained with the use of plywood or planks of wood. You want the piano to be level so there isn’t too much strain on the legs during the moving process.

Gather a Team to Move a Piano

It will take several strong people to lift this piano onto your moving truck. It is absolutely necessary to use the right equipment when trying to move a piano. If you don’t, you run the risk of damaging the piano and people helping with the move could sustain injuries as well. As your team is moving the piano, they should never lift it by the legs. When loading it in the truck, the piano should always be standing upright. When a piano is laid on its side, the delicate mechanisms inside will be damaged in the moving process.

Hire Professionals to Move Pianos

The best way to ensure your piano will be moved without being damaged, is to hire professional piano movers. They will have moved several pianos in the past and have the experience needed to get your piano to your new home safely. Good Time Moving & Storage offers professional piano moving to ensure your piano is treated with the upmost care.

How Soon Should You Tune a Piano After Moving It?

No matter how careful the moving process is, it doesn’t take very much movement at all to disturb the mechanisms that make a piano work. You will need to plan on hiring a professional to tune your piano once to you get to your new home.

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