When it comes to moving it can be stressful making sure everything has been packed and safely loaded. Nothing like unpacking only to discover fragile items have been damaged. When it comes to moving, it is natural to want everything to go smoothly and that nothing is damaged during the move. This can be done with the right preparations. When it comes to moving there are a few things that every moving service wishes everyone knew. Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some moving tips that will help make your move go much smoother for you and your movers.

Make Moving Day Easier By Giving a Detailed Inventory

When hiring a service often they will ask you about the number of boxes and other items they will be moving so they can provide an estimate for the service. There have been times that the homeowner wasn’t detailed in the items they want to have moved. Unexpected items such as a piano, refrigerator, or other large appliances will influence the bill. Additional moving equipment is needed and sometimes an additional moving truck or larger moving truck becomes necessary. When the moving service is caught off guard, not only will it slow down the move, but it will also change the cost of your move. No one likes surprises. This is why it is important to be detailed in your moving needs when hiring a moving service.

How Should I Prepare for a Mover?

When you hire a moving service it is important to be properly prepared for their arrival. Some communities may be gated or apartments might have designated parking. Some places may require an elevator permit in order to use the elevator during a move. For homes, make sure there is a place to park the moving truck. If there are additional preparations, make sure they are done before the movers arrive. Additionally, on moving day you will be surprised how effective movers are and how quickly they can load and unload the moving truck. However, to expect efficiency from your moving service it helps to have everything packed and ready for your mover. Don’t be trying to still pack while your movers are loading the truck. Not only will it slow down the movers, but there is certain way movers like to load the truck. Along with being packed by moving day, it will help you and the mover to have all of the boxes labeled.

Never Pack Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Another important tip is that when packing, never pack heavy items in large moving boxes. The integrity of the box will be compromised. There is also a high chance the box will split and your items will fall out. Additionally, heavy large boxes are very difficult to move while ensuring the safety of the item inside. When packing heavy items it is much safer to pack in smaller boxes. Movers would much rather load a bunch of smaller boxes than one large and very heavy box.

Sign Moving Contract

On moving day please be present as the movers will need you to sign paperwork. Movers do not expect you to help load the moving truck, rather we prefer if you let us work. However, for liability and to ensure all of the paperwork has been signed, we will need you present.

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These are some of the common problems that a moving service encounters during a move. To ensure a smooth move for both the homeowner and movers, make sure to be properly prepared. For a quality moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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