One of the biggest moves in a person’s life and the first time that most kids have the chance to adult is when they move off to college. The move from high school to college is a big deal. Not only for the new high school graduate who now can branch out but for the parents of that child. The move is not just down the street and not for a few weeks. This is a new start for that person and many times it can be a big move and a far distance away. There is a lot that goes into making the move to college. It is a great time to understand what is happening, what you should take and the best way to get there. Having some moving tips that are specific to going to college can help take the stress of the day away. Good Time Moving & Storage offers some great tips to help move your child off to college.

How Far Away is Student Going Away to College?

The first step with the big move is to get your housing assignment at the college that you are going to attend. The housing assignment will be crucial in knowing where you to send the moving truck to. You also want to have all your paperwork filled out for you room and understand the rules about your area. You need to know if there are any special arrangements that you need to take before you get there. The housing office at the school should be able to give you very specific details. They can give you the exact location, move in dates and the size of your room so you know what all you can bring with you.

What Does a Freshman Girl or Boy Need to Pack for College?

If you want to get ready for the big move you may need to do some shopping. Most colleges have a list of packing items that you want to bring with you when you arrive. This list will be able to list what you want in your bedroom, living space and bathroom needs. When you are ready to start with your packing you want to go through your belongings and decide what all you need to do. The packing should be done in advance and be ready to go so that it can be loaded on the moving truck.

Hire Professional Movers with Well Maintained Moving Trucks or Vans

You may see many children showing up to college with minimum belongings and in their own car. That makes it very hard to be organized and have all the items that you need to start your college life. The better way to take care of your belongings and get it all where you want it on time is to hire a moving truck. You won’t have to worry about dragging your things inside or loading your boxes in the dorm. You can enjoy the goodbyes and getting ready to start your life.

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