If you are gearing up for a long distance move that is taking you from a warm climate to a colder one, you may be in for a shock to the system. It can be jarring to start living in a place that is extremely cold when you just aren’t used to it. Luckily, with a little bit of effort and patience, you can learn to love a cold climate. Maybe love is too strong a word; you can learn to LIKE a cold climate. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to share some tips to help you learn to adapt to the new environment you are living in.

Make Your New House Warm & Cozy when Moving to a Cold Place

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel cold inside. There are several things you can do to make your home feel cozier. The cozier you feel in your home, you may just find that you like that feeling that only winter can bring. Here are some ideas for making your home feel cozier.
– Use the Fireplace: Nothing will make you feel cozier than a fire. If your home has a fire, whether it’s gas or wood burning, use it and see how much it can transform your home on a cold winter night.
– Use Décor: Stray away from that minimalist look and stick to soft surfaces. Think about furry pillows, cozy blankets, plump sofas and any other soft surface that will help you feel warm and comfortable.
– Footwear: While most people don’t like wearing shoes in the house, you can find some fleece lined house shoes or fuzzy socks that will keep your toes warm. Walking around on wood flooring or tile in the winter can make anyone feel cold.
– Bake: Nothing like smelling baked cookies when you walk into your house on a winter day. Even a loaf of fresh baked bread makes it feel like home.

Layer Clothes when Moving in Cold Weather

This can’t be stressed enough, dress warm when you live somewhere cold. If you aren’t wearing the right outer wear, you are going to feel cold. Get a coat that will keep you warm in the great outdoors, footwear that is insulated, hats, mittens and any other outer wear you will need. This will be an investment that is well worth it in the end.

Outdoor Winter Activities on a Cold Day

You are going to need to switch your thinking to winter activities. Think about trying skiing, ice skating, sledding and other activities that can be fun and worthwhile. You may just find that the wintertime can be just as enjoyable as some of your summer activities.

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