There are many things to take into consideration when you think about moving to a new area. Not only do you want to live in a nice neighborhood, but you may be looking at things like how close you will be to stores and the downtown area. Something that parents literally fret about when it comes to move is school. Every parent wants to know that their child will be in an environment where they can learn and grow. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to share some tips to help you find a good school when you’re moving to a new town.

What to Consider in Choosing a School

If you were to survey a number of different parents, chances are, they would all list different things that would make a school perfect in their eyes. There are many different things that different people see as a priority when it comes to the school that their kids go to. Here are some of the most common things that might be on your checklist for the best school for your kids.
– Test Scores
– Transportation Options
– Class Sizes
– Special Needs Accommodations
– Diversity
– Facility Features
– Graduation Statistics
– Sports & Extracurriculars
– Subject Availability

Research Schools when Moving

Once you have decided what you want in a school and a school district, it will be time to start doing your homework. There are several online sites that can give you a good feel for what to expect from a school A couple of different sites that are helpful are and more. Remember that as you are searching, you are looking for certain criteria and don’t want to settle for anything that isn’t on your list of must haves.

Talk to Locals About Finding a Good School

As you finish doing your research on different schools and what they have to offer, you can start doing a little bit of local digging. You can look at references like local newspapers that may have article written on different schools in the area as well as visiting the facilities in person. If you are moving for a job, you can maybe talk to some of your colleagues about what schools their children attend. Your goal should be to talk to people who actually send their kids to the schools you are seriously looking at. If you are working with a real estate agent, they can also help you find information about different schools in the area as well.

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