As exciting as a long distance move might be to you, a long distance move for a child is something quite different. Most kids don’t love change and thrive in an environment where they have the ability to adapt to a schedule. When you throw moving to an entirely new place into the schedule, it can create a lot of uncertainty in your child’s world. Luckily, kids are resilient and there are things you can do to help them adapt to the idea of such a large change. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to talk about ways you can make a long distance move fun for your kids.

What Facilities for Kids are Available in Your New Neighborhood

While the idea of a new place may seem scary to your children, you can put a positive spin on it when you look at all the new opportunities that can be found in your new location. Maybe you can look for parks or natural reserves near your new home or find some of the activities that are offered through your new city that might appeal to your kids. Finding the school they will be attending and scheduling a time that you can come take a tour with your kids can be a great way to get them ready for the big change.

House Hunting with Kids

You are most likely looking at more than one house when you are getting ready to move. When you have finally narrowed it down to a few different places, it’s a good time to involve your kids in the decision making process. Talking about their new rooms in the house and the fun things they can do in the yard can make it an exciting thing.

Get Rid of Stress when Packing

If you have small children, packing can be quite the adventure. The boxes that you are using to pack up your belongings are a blank canvas that is perfect for decorating with crayons and markers. You can always have prizes that you give to your kids when they are helping you pack things up as well.

Make Plans for the Road Trip

Sometimes, the drive to get to your new location is the most dreaded part of the trip for everyone. To get the kids excited, you can have them create a playlist that you will listen to on your long journey. You should also look at your route and see if there are any sightseeing adventures that you can have along the way to break it up.

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