Placing a grandfather clock on a dolly, loading it into a moving van and expecting it to function properly upon arrival is a common mistake that people make when moving. To ensure that your valuable grandfather clock is not damaged during a move, there are several steps that need to be taken. Prior to moving, all the accessory parts need to be removed and packed properly, for starters. In order to prevent damage during the move, the weights should then be wrapped in a blanket. Moving blankets should be placed inside the clock to stabilize and protect the glass as well. Wrap the outside of the clock to protect it from any damage, lastly. Good Time Moving & Storage has the expertise to move grandfather clocks safely and securely. Our team members are trained on the specifics of handling specialty items. Today, we at we would like to further discuss the complex nature of moving a grandfather clock.

Take the Weights Off Grandfather Clock

Let the clock wind down for several days before hiring a professional moving team such as Good Time Moving & Storage. Generally, a team of experts will remove the weights from the clock to avoid any movement during transportation, which could result in damage and broken glass upon arrival. There are 3 weights to a grandfather clock. When moving grandfather clocks, many individuals make the mistake of mixing up the weights. The weights are specifically placed and designed for the left side, one in the center, and one for the right side. The clock will not function correctly, if the weights are not labeled and re-assembled properly. The chimes not working the right way, by working too slow, too fast, or not at all will likely result. In order to secure and protect them from damage, moving professionals will usually wrap the weights in a furniture blanket. Compared to the standard blankets, furniture blankets provide much more protection. Experts make sure that each piece removed is secured and accounted for. In order to protect them from vibrations that may cause damage, professionals also protect the chime rods by placing a towel securely around them.

Use Blankets when Moving a Grandfather Clock

To ensure that the glass is stabilized from the inside, we’ll place blankets inside the clock. To make sure they are fit firmly, place the blankets securely inside. Secure the key to the top of the clock and prior to our final wrap, make sure to close and lock all the doors securely. Wrapping the outside of the clock thoroughly to protect it from any damage is our final step while moving a grandfather clock. So that ultimate protection is ensured, professionals often make sure that all of the blankets are taped securely. The grandfather clock is then loaded on to truck and secure it tightly to be taken to the requested destination.

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The smart choice, for this job, is the decision to hire professionals. More often than not, grandfather clocks are family treasures that have been inherited and passed down for generations. To repair that special item upon arrival in a new home is the last thing that anyone wants is to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Call us to schedule your next move today.

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