If you have lived in a place that doesn’t experience cold weather and are planning to relocate to somewhere colder, you need to think about what you are going to need to acclimate to your new climate. There is a big difference in how someone lives during the winter months in a place that gets extreme winters and an area that doesn’t really experience winter at all. Good Time Moving & Storage is here to share our best tips to help make your move to colder weather a smooth one.

Pack Warm Clothes when Moving in Winter

One of the first things that you need to think about is your clothing. You are going to need to make some big changes in the way that you dress in your new area. You will want to gather sweaters, long pants, thick coats and the other accessories that keep you comfortable including gloves, hats and wool socks. These changes to your wardrobe will make a big difference in your comfort level.

How Can I Drive in the Snow or Very Cold Conditions Safely?

Another thing to think about is your vehicle and the icy weather you may encounter on your trip to your new area. Make sure your vehicle is ready for it. You will want to have good tread on your tires. Maybe even consider upgrading to some snow tires depending on the weather conditions in your new area. Your driving habits should be adjusted to winter conditions as well. If you should encounter a bad storm, remember that slowing down and driving cautiously can help keep you safe on the road. You may even decide that you want to wait out the storm and leave after it has passed and the roads are cleared.

What if it Snows on Moving Day?

When you get to your new house and it is freezing cold, moving in may look a little different than moving out did. You will want to take some extra steps to make sure it is a smooth process.
– Check for any ice on the sidewalks and the pavement. You may need to get down and feel the surface as ice can be very thin and hard to see. If you find ice, use some deicer to help get rid of it so no one slips while carrying boxes in your home.
– Warm up the house before the truck arrives with your belongings. It will be a much more enjoyable process if you aren’t trying to move your stuff into a home that is freezing cold.
– Use salt mats to preserve the flooring in your home and have plenty of floor coverings that will keep scratches from the hardwood floors or stains from the carpet.

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