A move is an exciting prospect and a stressful one. With so many arrangements to be made, and packing to do, the task can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. With your accumulating memories, small treasures of sentiment, and of course the rewards you have given yourself for the long hours you work, all need to be sorted, handled, packaged, and transported with care. Where Good Time Moving & Storage can help your with many of the accommodations related to a long distance move, some folks like to handle the packing themselves. If you want to do take care of that portion of the move, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like share some tips and advice to help you pack efficiently, for a smooth long distance move.

What Supplies Do I Need to Move?

For starters, you want a well stocked arsenal of supplies to get your personal belongings properly packaged to be safely transported. Below is a list of considerations.
1. Moving Boxes: There are literally boxes in many shapes and sizes. Having a variety is exceptionally helpful. Specific items can be packaged accordingly as well, with boxes such as; wardrobe boxes, dish pack boxes, lamp boxes, TV boxes, picture frame boxes, etc. Having the right box for your things can make a big difference for safe arrival.
2. Packing Paper / Bubble Wrap: Having plenty of packing paper is an excellent advantage for individually wrapping glass items, porcelains, or other fragile materials. With the boxes containing the breakables, ad a lining of crushed packing paper to cushion and absorb bouncing and impacts.
3. Moving Blankets: Moving blankets are excellent for furnishings and other delicate, but large items. With the different sizes available, they can blanket a variety of possessions and protect them from dust and scratches.
4. Mattress Coverings: With a protective shield around your mattress, you can safeguard them from rough handling and liquids.
5. Stretch Wrap: Stretch serves a great purpose in protecting the bulky items from scuffs and such.
6. Packing Tape: Don’t forget the packing tape to properly seal your boxes.

Packing Tips; Do’s & Don’ts

– Start packing early. Start packing early to avoid the crunch and half-hazard packing duty. Nonessentials like books, knick-knacks, off season clothes, and so on can all be packed a month or so before moving day arrives.
– Prepare your boxes for moving. Reinforce the bottom of every box with packing tape, then line the box with crushed packing paper for extra cushion and if necessary be sure to stuff more in between the nooks and crannies to fill in the holes.
– Make the most of each box. Filling the box to capacity can reduce the quantity of boxes and promote a uniform stacking ability.
– Label boxes well. Pack each room in separate boxes and mark on the box general contents, the room it belongs in and your last name.
– Pack heavy items in small boxes. Overweight boxes are difficult to lift, causing injury, or cause the boxes to tear. Keep the weight of the boxes at a manageable level and in smaller boxes. Be sure to load heavier items on the bottom and gradually lightening the load if it is a multiple item box.
– Leave lightweight linens and clothing in their dresser drawers. This is not only a time saver, but it will save you space. Just doesn’t the furniture be over burdened.
– Pack valuables and essentials separately. Jewelry, medications, daily toiletries, important documents, and even a few sets of clothing are items we recommend that you keep with you during the move, especially if you make the destination well ahead of the scheduled moving truck.

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