In most cases, people usually have reached a collective decision to move over a long distance and have afforded themselves plenty of time to ensure their move is a success. But sometimes different circumstances arise and you have to move in little time. We at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to offer some tips and advice on how you can make your long distance move when you are in a hurry to do it.

1) Prepare Boxes for Packing & Moving

Start with itemizing your possessions when making the preparations for moving to another state. If you intend on taking all of your stuff from your home, you will want to start with a list of everything in each room. Organize the list by starting with the largest items, down to the small. Coordinate an effort to get the boxes that will be necessary to transition from one location to the other. Be sure to acquire all of the moving supplies you will need to ensure safe transport. Following the checklist of items and obtaining the number of boxes that you will need, you can begin the packing process. You should make sure this is all done before the day of moving, whether you have a professional moving van or the help of friends and/or family. Consider donating or selling some of the belongings in your home to lighten the load.

2) Hire a Professional Mover

Know as soon as possible if you are going to invest in a professional moving company. They often book out weeks in advance and if you are in a hurry and want a professional, contact a company as soon as possible to begin the retaining process. Whether you have them moves your entire household or just the bulky furnishings, making the arrangements ahead of time helps you and the company prepare. Make the decision of how much of the moving they will do; the professional can handle all the packing, inventory, loading, transporting, unloading and even unpacking if you want. Knowing what services you need helps them prepare the team as well as helps you know responsibilities you will perform. Don’t forget to take some time to compare the different companies that offer the service to see which ones offer the best deal.

3) Make a Checklist for Moving

Making a list of all the tasks that need to be done prior to the move and checked off as they are done can aid you in having a smooth and flawless move. The list can include everything involved in the packing process, coordinating when people or professional movers will arrive, and then making sure that it is all packed properly. Once you get to your destination, it will be a reversal of what you did before. With proper labeling and methodic strategies, the boxes will get into the proper rooms, and allow you the opportunity to pace unpacking over the course of a few weeks if need be.

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With organized preparations, and methodical execution, your local or long distance move can be effortless even in the midst of the stress of getting moved quickly. At Good Time Moving & Storage, we offer a number of services and products to help your move be smooth and efficient. Call us today to get started.

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