When it comes time to move many people will begin buying boxes for all of their household items. When packing you will have a number of fragile items that demand proper precautions. One type of item that requires extra steps during moving is your electronics. In the average home there are TVs, computers, tablets and gaming consoles that are a major investment. Good Time Moving & Storage will share a few tips and considerations when packing your electronics.

Check Product Manuals

For those who have kept the product manual to their electronics, look inside the manual to see if they have moving or storage instructions. Often they will have optimal moving and storage conditions for the different electronics. If you do not have the manual you can also look online and go to the product’s websites.

Save the Boxes

Some people will keep their product’s packaging. If you did keep the product boxes reuse them when you move. The product boxes often have fitted Styrofoam or cardboard that helps to protect the electronics and keep them from moving around.

Packing Electronics

When packing your electronics and you do not have the original products packaging, you will need to get the right packing materials. When packing electronics it is recommended to get a box to fit the electronics and perhaps their dedicated cords and cables. You never want to risk damaging the electronic device by packing additional items that could impact and or damage them. This is why it is recommended never to pack electronics in boxes with other items. When packing the electronics you will want to make sure they are protected. Use either bubble wrap or moving blankets to pad the deceives. Additionally, label the boxes with the items inside and label it as fragile to ensure the boxes are handled with care. When sealing the boxes for your electronics consider double taping the boxes closed to hopefully prevent the boxes opening up from the bottom.

Organize the Cords

It is recommended that you keep the cords and cables with the dedicated electronic. However, some people will put all of the cables and cords in one box. This is fine, but make sure to label each cord to ensure they return to the right device. For TV’s and large devices that have an attached cord, wind it up and tape it to the device. For remotes to the TV and entertainment system, also consider taping the remote to the device. This way it won’t get lost.

Temperature Concerns when Packing & Moving Electronics

When moving long distances or you plan to use a storage unit, temperature can become a problem. Electronics do not like the heat. If you plan to store your electronics look for a climate or temperature controlled storage facility. When moving long distances there is not too much that can be done, except for using a moving pod that is insulated.

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When moving the electronics, you need additional steps and moving considerations to ensure they survive the move. If you need the help of a quality moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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