When moving, often no one takes the proper steps or precaution when packing their electronics. Electronics can be very delicate and they often get damaged during a move. Though you do not want your entertainment system or perhaps your home’s office equipment damaged, it is important to properly pack your electronics. Good Time Moving & Storage will share a few tips on how to pack your home’s electronics.

What Can I Wrap Electronics In?

Computer: When packing your computer you will always want to back up all of your files, just in case. It is always better to be prepared for the worst, because during a move, anything can happen. After backing up all of your files, you can unplug all of the computer’s cables. It is recommended that you box your computer and all its cables together in one box. This way the cables do not disappear or get misplaced. Additionally, make sure to pad the inside of the boxes to provide some additional protection. When packing the monitor to your computer, you will want to wrap it with bubble wrap to protect the screen.
Tablets: Tablets are smaller and they have a very fragile screen. Most people will keep their tablets close by, but if you are packing it away in a box, you will want to protect it. First of all never put tablets, ipods and smaller devices in a large box with other items. You will want to use a smaller box. If you kept the tablet’s original box, it is best to put the tablet and its power cable in the boxes. The box will help provide additional protection. If you do not have the box, then bubble wrap the tablet and avoid packing the tablet on the bottom of the box. Make sure to write fragile on the box to ensure it isn’t crushed when packing the moving truck.
TV: Like a tablet, it is ideal to put the TV in its original box. However, not everyone is going to keep the boxes to their electronics in the event one day they will be moving. In that case you will want to wrap the TV in a moving blanket. Before you wrap up the TV, you can tape the cables and remote to the TV ‘s back and then wrap it up tightly. It never hurts to do more than one layer. For example, you can wrap the TV in bubble wrap first and then again with a moving blanket.
Cables: If you’re the type of person that likes to put all of their cable in one place. Make sure to label each cable. Wind up the cable and wrap tape around them and write on the tape what the cable is and where it goes. This way you are not confused when shifting through cables trying to figure out which one goes where.

Electronics are Sensitive to Hot & Cold

Remember that all electronics are sensitive to hot and to cold. You will want to seek an insulated moving truck to prevent major damages during the move. When it comes to a short distance move, the temperature does not have time to affect your electronics. However, long distance moves is a different story. It is important to find a moving service with insulated moving trucks or pods.

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These are some tips when moving your home electronics. When you need a quality moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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