You have just landed that dream job and you’re ready for the next step in your life. Problem is you have to move 4 bedrooms worth of furniture and keepsakes from one home to your new place. As in most logistical challenges a little planning can smooth the transition. Moving a household can be viewed as a major logistical operation but there are steps you can take to make it a lot easier and smoother. Good Time Moving & Storage offer helpful corporate relocation tips below.

Create a Floor Plan of New Place

You most likely saw the new place before buying or signing a rental agreement as few of us buy real property, sight unseen. When you were looking over your dream home you may want to start planning your move. If the house is new, a floor plan is usually available. If so, number or otherwise identify the rooms for later reference. If no floor plan is available, sketch a floor plan to aid in planning. A graphical representation is more communicative than written instructions.

Label Moving Boxes

When packing make sure that items destined for a particular room in your new home are identified in large markings corresponding with the room’s number or code. If the movers know where each item goes, they can unload them there and not just deposit everything in the home’s living room. Couches, chairs and larger furniture can be tagged or labeled for their destined location. Organization and planning during packing can save considerable time and frustration at the new home.

What Do You Load First into Moving Truck?

Military logisticians load items according to priority. You don’t want your tank lost in the back if you need it now. That goes for your move. Is your priority is the kitchen, bathrooms or bedrooms? Your priority room items should be the last things on the truck to be unloaded first. A working bathroom and kitchen are probably high priority. For some bedding can be set as a priority, but dressers and bureaus may not be as important as the beds and bedding, and should be considered as at least a secondary item. Primary, secondary and tertiary is a simple method to identify priorities. Primary items are the last loaded as to be the first out. Tertiary items can go to the front of the truck or trailer to be unloaded last. Secondary items are in the middle. This planning is even more of a concern for those who have to unload the truck or trailer themselves. Depending on your arrival time unloading may stretch over two days. Even with a moving crew many steps and work is saved if they can readily determine which room an item is destined and drop your stuff where it belongs rather in another room.

Clean & Disinfect House Before Moving In

Moving can be stressful and to a degree labor intensive. You may have to conduct cleaning operations prior to set up. Kitchen cabinets need to be prepared prior to your placing your dishes, glasses, cups and bowls in them. Used homes usually demand attention to stoves and refrigerators. Knowing that the movers can locate the correct place to drop items, removes the stress of supervising every detail while you attend to other duties and preparations.

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A good moving company can assist in your planning, but much of it will begin with you. Good Time Moving & Storage are professional movers experienced in both home and business relocation. Our staff would be happy to assist you in planning. A good plan makes it easier for us as well as less stressful for you. Call us to get started today!

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