It is not every day an entire office will relocate and when you are faced with the task of moving, it will feel pretty overwhelming. Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share a few tips to help make moving an office easier.

Schedule Professional Movers

When you need to move an office there will be desks, chairs, document copy machines computers and more. To make moving all of the furniture and equipment to the new location much easier, you will want to hire a professional moving service. However, you do just want to call any moving service. You will need to seek out a moving company that provides commercial moving services. When you know your moving date, you will want to book the moving service in advance to ensure you have help the day of the move.

Downsize Office Before Moving

When you need to move an entire office, you will want to downsize the amount you will need to take. The less amount of boxes, furniture, or other office equipment you take with you, will require less hands and less moving trucks. You may want to carefully evaluate furniture, desks, and other items in the office and see if it is worth taking with you or if it more cost effective to simply buy new ones. You can recycle or donate usable items. Next, throw away damaged items and make a shopping list to replace the item you will not be taking with you. Downsize will make moving far easier, cheaper, and faster.

Coordinate Your Office Moving Crew

Do not try to take on every aspect of the office move yourself. You should create a moving crew and assign different responsibilities. You will want to spread out the burden of the move to make it easier on yourself and to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Dismantle Office Equipment & Dissemble Furniture

When the time comes to move, you will want to give yourself and your moving team plenty of time to break down large furniture. However, make sure to carefully label each piece and hardware to make reassembly go smoothly. Have your office staff pack and label their own desk and have the boxes ready on time. Make sure the boxes and items are labeled to ensure everything goes back together when the time comes to unload. As packing and disassembling occurs, also make an inventory list. You will want to make a list of every box, office chair, desks and etc. This way as you load up the moving truck you will know that everything has gotten loaded. When the trucks are unloaded you can check off your list once more.

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Moving an office is no easy task. If you need quality local and long distance moving services to help move your office, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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