One of the worst, but most convenient time to move, is during the summer. Kids have to finish out the school year, but they’re out, you now have a three-month time frame to pack, relocate, and move into your new home. And you must do it all before the new school year begins. However, you are now looking to move during the hottest time of the year. When it comes to moving in the heat, there are a few things you will want to consider before you begin the move. Through Good Time Moving & Storage vast experience of moving during the summer months, we will share a few tips and things you should consider when moving during the summer heat.

Book Movers in Advance

Make sure you plan ahead. Most moves are known well in advance. The summer months are convenient for a lot of people, so make sure you book a moving company well in advance. You don’t want to look around at the last minute trying to find a moving company and find yourself out of luck. You may also want to avoid the busier days, such as Memorial or Independence Day. Both are very busy days during the summer. Not only is it hard to get a moving company, you’re looking at bad traffic when coming in or leaving big cities like Nashville and Knoxville.

Prevent Heat Stroke when Moving in Summer

Whether you’re coming or going, keep in mind the heat. Those who think they can handle loading or unloading a moving truck in the middle of the summer, will find they are at risk of a heat stroke. That may be a little over the top, but it is extremely hot during the summer. Loading or unloading with only a few people to help means the longer it will take. Consider allowing a moving company to help you. This service is well worth it. They have a good understanding of the quickest and most efficient way to load or unload a moving truck. However, be kind to the mover. Allow them to park the truck as close to the home or loading area as possible.

Pack Items Carefully for Transporting in Hot Weather

Know how to pack for the summer heat. Some items when expose to high temperatures such as leather furniture, CDs, DVDs and other electronics will get destroyed in the summer heat here in Tennessee . Make sure they are insulated and packed properly to avoid too much heat exposure.

What to Do with Children & Pets when Moving

Another consideration as your either packing up to leave or moving in if possible, find a place for your little kids or pets to stay out of the heat. Not everyone will have a family member or friend who you trust to watch your children or pets while you’re moving and especially if you’re coming to Nashville. If possible, find a place for them to stay cool. If there is nowhere for either of them to go, make sure you have plenty of water, especially if you are coming to Nashville from a much cooler climate.

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If you are planning a move during the summer, make sure you account for the heat and the problems it can cause. Good Time Moving & Storage hopes we can better prepare you for moving. If you need a reliable moving service to help you deal with a summer move, whether you’re moving to or away, we can help make your move smooth and quick. Contact us today.

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