When it comes to moving, especially for a long-distance move, the kitchen is the most complex room to pack. You can bring a collection of size boxes and pack up accordingly and safely wrap fragile items with the relatively simpler rooms. Being very worth the dedication when you get to your new home, naturally organizing the contents takes a little extra time to pack, but it takes less time to unpack. Special methodical techniques and execution is required when it comes to the kitchen, however. Extra preparations is required for safety of glassware, dishes, kitchen aids, appliances, and everything kept in the kitchen. Few want to waste the hundreds of dollars’ worth of food when it comes to the pantry and fridge/freezer items. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to provide some tips concerning packing the pantry with this in mind.

How Do You Move Pantry Food Long Distance?

For safety standards, food expires and packing the food is applicable some of the time. It is always a good idea to use up the contents of the fridge, freezer, and pantry, particularly the food that can spoil when you know you are set to move. Local moves aren’t a big deal since food in the fridge can survive up to 2 hours, however, it is different for moves that will take longer than that. Only pack up the non-perishables that have an expiration of 6 months or more when you set to start packing the pantry. Packed easily enough are the spice jars and unopened items. Along with food that expire in less than 6 months, the open containers and bags should be left a side. You have to decide if adding the extra weight is worth packing up the cans since long distance moving cost is influenced by weight as well.

How to Pack Pantry for Moving?

For packing your pantry, plastic bins with snapping lids are optimal. Make sure the plastic bins have secure lids to deter any insect infestations and keep in mind that the food stored in the pantry can quickly become too heavy for cardboard boxes. Make certain your bins are tightly packed and the box is organized and tidy in order to avoid messes. Seal open ingredients or food to the food that you must keep with Tupperware or Zip-lock bags. Line the packed boxes up tightly against them and stack heavier boxes on the bottom. To allow movers can better load them into the truck safely make certain to label them kitchen and fragile.

How Do I Get Rid of Food Before I Move?

The food you are unable to use can be given to family members or unopened packaged food may be donated to various facilities and help centers as far as the items in the freezer and fridge go. See if anyone has the capabilities to store these items and can accept the donation by calling around. You will have to throw them out otherwise. Additionally, local shelters charity groups can receive pantry food that are going to expire sooner than later, or you simply don’t want to pay to move can be donated. Call for the charity that is right for your donations to learn the specifics on what foods they will accept and get them boxed up and ready. You can even schedule someone to pick them up with most of these organizations.

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