During a move for a musician can be a very stressful time, especially when moving a large musical instrument such as a baby grand piano. For those with amazing musical talent, your baby grand piano means the world to you. It is important for a moving service to understand the love and value of this priceless instrument. When you need to move it, you will want a quality moving service to help you. Good Time Moving & Storage will share how to move a baby grand piano and why you want a professional moving service.

Professional Moving Tools & Equipment

Depending on the design and materials of a baby grand piano, they can weigh between 500 to 1200 pounds. These pianos can be very heavy to say the least. When the time comes to move, you will need help loading the piano onto the moving truck and unloading it to a new home. A professional moving service will have a number of different moving equipment, not to mention the many hands to help move the heavier items. For those who want to attempt to move the piano themselves, make sure you have at least four or more very strong guys helping you lift the piano.

Inspect Grand Piano Before Moving

As the owner of the baby grand piano, make sure to do a thorough inspection. You will want to take note of any pre-existing damages. If the piano was damaged during the move, you will want to know about it so you can take action. When using a professional moving service they will often offer or provide insurance or find an outside source. If the piano is damaged you will want to have it repaired.

Can You Take a Piano Apart to Move It?

If you are breaking down the smaller pieces of your baby grand piano, you will want to make sure they are labeled. Some smaller removable components may include the pedal, the bench and some screws and bolts. You don’t want the smaller pieces to go missing or get misplaced. Additionally, make sure the smaller pieces are protected and packed with the right materials such as padding paper, or bubble wrap. When the time comes to move the rest of the baby grand piano, you will want to prepare the rest of the piano for the move. A baby grand piano has a lid that opens and closes. Some lids of a baby grand piano can be removed. If yours cannot be removed make sure to secure it down in place. If the lid is removed make sure to wrap it in a moving cloth to protect it from damages. Next, prepare the rest of the piano to be moved. You will want to wrap it in moving blankets and tape the blankets in place. When wrapping the piano make sure the soundboard is secured before the movers come. It can become a major moving disaster when the soundboard isn’t properly secured.

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When hiring a moving service to help you move, make sure to tell them about your baby grand piano so they will have a large enough moving truck to fit the piano as well as the rest of your belongings. The moving service will be all the more prepared to move your baby grand piano safely and efficiently. These are few but a few steps you can take to ensure the safety of your precious baby grand piano. If you need help during a move and you need a quality moving service, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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