Regardless of the time of year, the thought of moving can is an overwhelming prospect for many homeowners. According to statistics, most people move during the summer months when children are on summer break, and things appear less hectic. One of the most significant disadvantages is summer’s heat, making everyone involved hot, irritable, and restless. Moving during the months can also be expensive due to demand. The solution – consider moving during the cooler winter months instead. The experts at Good Time Moving & Storage have plenty of experience and will get your items moved safely, professionally, and on time.

Tips for Moving in the Cold Climate of Winter

Moving in the winter is one of the best times to move. Many moving companies offer discounted rates, and the principle is simple – supply and demand. While most moves are scheduled in the summer months with premium rates, winter moves are often discounted, giving you a better deal for your money.
Plan for Winter Weather Delays: One disadvantage of moving in the winter is losing daylight hours. So if you plan a move that would typically take one day, you will need to plan for two days instead. By keeping your expectations reasonable, allowing extra time and flexibility, you can anticipate a successful and stress-free move.
Be Organized when Moving: No matter the time of year, staying organized will help make your move more efficient regardless of the weather. Take advantage of any tools and checks lists available online to help you with the transition. The experts at Good Time Moving & Storage recommend making sure your boxes are clearly labeled and plan where they need to be stored once they arrive in your new home. Separate the items you plan to personally transport, including medications, a change of clothes, electronics, and other sensitive items and paperwork associated with your new home and the move.

Tips when Preparing to Move in Winter

Whether you are moving across town or to a different state, moving requires a tremendous amount of work. Prior planning and doing as much of the work as you can in advance makes the entire process much more manageable. When moving during the cooler months, take some precautions, and prepare for inclement weather by keeping cold-weather supplies such as salt to treat sidewalks and driveways in a handy location. Ensure that all pathways and entrances at both your old property and your new property are clutter-free so the movers can perform their jobs safely and as efficiently as possible. Moving in the rain, ice and snow can make a mess and damage your flooring. Protect your floors by laying down floor protection to prevent stains and other damage.
Moving is hard work, and while many families opt to move during the summer months, a winter move will allow you to take advantage of the lower rates and easier scheduling. Stay ahead of the game by staying organized, planning ahead, and taking the advantage of the experienced professionals at Good Time Moving & Storage.

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