You definitely earn some parenting stripes when you move with a baby. We know that the key to stress-free unpacking depends on two important elements; pre-packing and unpacking. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to offer some moving tips whether your baby is a newborn, crawling or walking.

Decluttering Before Moving

Less is best when you are moving with a baby. The best opportunity presents itself to get rid of unneeded and unwanted items when you move. Getting rid of some stuff means fewer things to unpack later, which helps put less stress on you and your baby.

Hire Movers

To ensure your moving date with professional movers, be sure to hire a moving company early in the process. Make sure you hire a professional that can accommodate your needs, such as storage options and moving services.

Conduct Detailed Packing

To make unpacking with the baby in the new space is faster and easier, perform detailed packing.
– According to the type, or the season, separate and pack clothes.
– Without mixing rooms, keep items in boxes according to the room they belong in.
– Before placing them in boxes, pack small, detailed items like bathroom items in zip-seal bags.
– Label each box according to contents.
You do have the option to have your professional moving company pack for you.

Deep Clean House Before Packing & Moving

Before the baby is in the space, if possible, deep clean the home before you unpack. Especially with COVID-19 still being a concern, you want to make sure the home is clean, sanitized, and disinfected, whether you do it yourself, or hire a cleaning crew.

Baby Proofing House

Before you begin unpacking, baby-proof the home. It is easy to become distracted while unpacking. You can create a safe place for the baby away from the dangers posed during unpacking when you baby-proof the home. Below are a few considerations.
– On cupboards and cabinets, use child locks.
– To prevent them from being pulled over, secure large items of furniture like dressers and televisions.
– Fence off the pools.
– Install a security system & baby monitor.
– Put away boxes and packing material.
– Make sure entrance doors are secure.
– Cover all electrical outlets.
– Use safety gates to block-off dangerous areas.

Unpack While Baby Sleeps

While your baby is with a babysitter or during their sleeping schedules is the best time to focus on unpacking. It is difficult unpacking and moving things around with a baby in your arms are demanding attention.

Pack Essential Baby Items Separately

Instead of sending them on the truck, have your playpen, portable crib, swing, and toys separately and keep them with you. Without having to go through many boxes to find what you need; you can set up a safe area to keep the baby contained.

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Additional tips would be to hire the professionals to take care of the unpacking, unpack the nursery first, maintain your schedule, and be sure to keep the snacks and favorite toys handy. For your moving and storage services, call the professionals of Good Time Moving & Storage to help you, we can help you get no matter your circumstances. Contact us today!

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