With packing and transport when it comes to moving there are things that take special care such as furniture, expensive and priceless art pieces, or even electronics. It can be a real horror story for the owners when the furniture got damaged during the move or the art transportation. During a move as these items hit the bumps in the road, items placed haphazardly in a box or poorly wrapped will likely be damaged. Custom crating can prove more than useful as it offers more protection for these fragile items Good Time Moving & Storage would like share why you should use custom crates for your long-distance move.

Crates are Custom Made to Fit Items

A few examples of the big items that cannot be moved on their own include a pool table, piano, Jacuzzi tubs, and art sculptures. When it comes to art transportation, you need to be very careful. Even the smallest nick in the art sculpture cam result in the loss of thousands of dollars. When using custom crates, you have the benefit of getting the exact shape and size for your big items. Custom crating creates very little mess without requiring excessive. As the pallet holds the base tightly, the surrounding wooden sides and the lid keeps the items secure.

A Wood Crate Keeps Items Safe & Secure

The custom wooden crates are quite strong exceedingly great protection.
Once they are at their destinations, the sides are either screwed in or bolted in, though they are easily removed. Saving you potential back pain and a risk of damage trying to lift it out, the crates allow easy access to simply slide the item out of the box, instead of lifting a potentially heavy item out of box.

Wooden Crates Can Be Reused

Customized crating is the best solution than traditional packaging options though a bit more expensive. You can upcycle the crates how you need them or use the crates can be recycled for future custom crating. After they serve their purpose for the long-distance move, you have many useful options, whether you need to save it for a move in the not-too-distant future or want them reassembled in a shelf or other useful item.

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You can have the peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure for its travel while it is nestled tightly in a custom crate, created for its specific dimensions, no matter if you need to transport valuable artwork or big furniture items. To better protect fragile and delicate possessions, Good Time Moving & Storage offers custom crating. The best solution to secure your big and bulky things as well is high value and unique items. Your possessions can be put on higher at risk to get it to the destination safely when moving a short and especially a long distance, and we understand this. The final destination along with consideration to the dimensions, weight, fragility, requirements are all taken into account. We offer heavy equipment crating, electronic equipment crating, art crating, and so much more. Our team of experts are readily available to help your custom crate your possessions. Call us today!

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