When you are getting ready to move, there are so many things that need to be accomplished. So many boxes to check on your to-do list. Not only making sure everything is taken care of in your current location, but in the area you will be moving to as well. Did you forget to consider that your new hardwood floors are going to be beat up if you don’t do something to protect them? With multiple pieces of furniture being drug all over them, on top of the many people coming in and out, they are about to take a beating. Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some tips that can keep your hardwood floors protected throughout your move.

Use Doormats to Protect Floors when Moving Heavy Furniture

By simply placing doormats at all the entrances of your home, you are eliminating a good amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked in from outside. You want the rug to be wide enough that at least 4 steps happen before someone steps off of it. Large amounts of dirt and debris can end up scratching and marking your hardwood floors. Rugs can almost completely eliminate the problem.

Floor Runners Offer Floors Protection

Not only should you place rugs at the entrances, but in places that receive a high amount of traffic, you should consider placing runners. You need to make sure they are pulled taut so they aren’t a tripping hazard to the people helping you move in.

Can You Use Furniture Sliders on Wood Floors?

Furniture sliders can be a life saver. They not only save you from physically having to move the furniture, but they protect your flooring in the process. They also help you avoid hitting the furniture into walls damaging both the walls and furniture at the same time. Before using furniture sliders, check the wheels to make sure they move and glide as they should or you might have a problem with them sticking.

Can Cardboard Protect Hardwood Floors on a Moving Day?

When moving heavy furniture or appliances, you may not have furniture sliders to use. If this is the case, find a large piece of cardboard to help with the moving process. It is wise to place an old sheet or blanket under the cardboard, since cardboard can still scratch your flooring.

Temporary Rolled Paper Floor Protection

You can buy large rolls of paper that you can line your floor with to help protect them. In order to keep them in place, tape them down and that should do the trick. This is a great option if you don’t have a bunch of extra runners to cover the hallways and high traffic areas.

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An important part of keeping your floors in good shape during a move, is hiring the right movers. You need a company that will take great care when they are moving things in and out of your new home. Good Time Moving & Storage take great care when loading and unloading your belongings in preparation for a move. Don’t have just anybody moving things in and out of your house. Not only will they most likely beat up your flooring, but your belongings as well. Call us to get the job done meticulously and quickly so you can start your new life in your new place today!

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