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What Food Do You Transport to Take with You when You Move & What to Get Rid Of when Moving from Smithville, TN

There is a lot to consider when it comes to a move, especially a long distance one. One consideration that often gets overlooked and can leave many with a lot of waste is the food in your home. Over time most homes accumulate a lot of food which when it comes to moving day may seem like most of it won’t make the trip. Good Time Moving & Storage will share a few tips on what to do with all the food in your home so there is no waste and where you’re not going to open a container full of rotten food.

1. Inventory your Food

About a month before the move begin to take inventory of your food. Go through your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Separate the food that can be stored and taken along with the move, such as most nonperishable items like boxed foods, spices and etc.

2. Plan Meals

With all your food categorized, begin to plan the next month’s meals with the perishable food first. Especially those edible items within your fridge and freezer. Those should be eaten first.

3. Future Shopping

If you run out of food before the move or you need to pick up an item to complete the meal, only buy what can eat before the move. Don’t over shop and be left with wasted food. Additionally you may want to plan on boxed food as the moving date gets closer.

4. Pack Up Food to Keep

A week before the move you may want to begin packing the nonperishable items like boxed or dried foods and spices.

5. Donate Unwanted Food

Foods that you no longer want or won’t last during the move, or if you don’t want to bring your food along for the journey, you can donate it. You can take it to your local food bank or to a homeless shelter and give your food to those who could use it. This can be done days before the big move.

6. Dining Out when Moving

A lot of people, when their food is either packed up or has run out, will begin to dine out. This is smart though beware of ordering too much. Leftovers are the worst to bring with you and most often rots. Before you leave, check out close dining places in your new location so you have an idea on what is nearby as you unpack.

7. Keep Snacks for Move Day

During moving day you may want to keep some healthy snack on hand to help maintain energy and a pleasant mood. Avoid snacks with high sugar and fats because they may give you a boost but only for a short time. Afterward, energy levels will crash and become difficult to regain. Fresh nuts, veggies and fruits are great snacks to keep on hand.

8. Keep Enough Food for Movers

Whether you’re using a professional moving company or asking friends or family, it is also ways nice to provide lunch and snack for them. If you find you still have a lot of food in your home, a great way not to waste it is to feed your help. It is a nice gesture and it ensures your food won’t go to waste.

9. Have a Going Away Party

For those with more food than they could eat before the move, consider throwing a “going away party.” Get creative on how you can use that unwanted food or the food that will spoil before the move. Again, resist buying more food than what will be eaten.

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These are a few suggestions as what do with your goods before the move that will prevent waste or finding yourself opening a box of rotten, moldy food. Good Time Moving & Storage can help you in many ways with your upcoming move. Contact us today to schedule your moving date.

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