Are you in the process of planning for a long distance move? With the internet at your fingertips finding a moving company is easier than ever, finding the right one for your requirements may be easier said than done. For example are you communicating with a professional moving company or a moving broker? According to the knowledgeable experts at Good Time Moving & Storage, there are distinct differences that you need to be aware of before you proceed.

Professional Movers VS Moving Brokers

Moving brokers essentially act as the middleman between you and the moving company. Brokers can be defined as a team that is trained in sales to organize for the transportation of your belongings to your new home. Your booking information will then be sold to a moving company who will provide the actual transportation. The moving company has all the moving equipment, transportation and teams of moving experts to load your belongings and transport them safely to your new location. Unlike moving brokers, the experts at Good Time Moving & Storage will inventory the items to be moved and provide you with an accurate moving estimate. You will also be able to discuss the specifics of your move with them directly rather than communication with a moving broker via telephone or email.

Risks of Hiring a Moving Broker to Plan Move

When researching your move, you should always ask if the company you are communicating with is a moving broker or a moving company. Dealing with a broker has several risks that you should understand before proceeding with the transaction. For example one of the biggest obstacles associated with moving brokers is the inability to provide a moving estimate over the phone that is accurate. Nor do moving brokers assume any responsibility for the safe arrival of your belongings; instead the responsibility is transferred to the moving company that accepted your booking. If there is a problem with your move you are effectively left stuck in the middle as the broker and moving company haggle amongst themselves blaming each other for your damaged or missing belongings.

Cost of Move

When doing business with a reputable moving company, they will inventory your items to provide you with a moving estimate that will be as accurate as possible. On the other hand moving brokers provide their estimates based on a phone call asking you to describe your items. The majority of homeowners find it extremely difficult to judge the size and weight of large items along with estimated the number of boxes needed to pack items for the move. The cost estimate that is provided by the broker to the moving company typically ends up being much lower than the price you will end up paying when the move is completed.

Is Deposit the Same as Down Payment when Moving?

The majority of moving brokers will ask you for a large deposit up front while professional moving companies will ask for a small down payment to secure your booking for the date of your move. The deposit that you pay to the broker does not always go towards your actual move; instead it covers the brokers booking fees leaving you will an additional payment to your moving company that you may not have been expecting. You will not have the opportunity to research the moving company selected since the broker will pick the moving company for you when they sell your contract to the highest bidder. Keep in mind that not all moving companies have a good reputation leaving you at their mercy if something goes wrong during the move.

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