There are always aspects of moving that most people don’t want to deal with. But moving those big and hard to move items can be particularly difficult. There are some items you may want to consider allowing the professionals to handle. This will lessen the burden and help you save time. Either way you will need to seek out the services of a moving company for those larger house hold items or rent multiple trucks and trailers to get then to your new destination. We here at Good Time Moving & Storage specialize in moving! Following are some items you may want to consider for extra help.

What Items Can Be Difficult to Move?

Televisions – Televisions keep getting larger and grander as time goes on. Some require special care when being transported long distances. You will want to wrap it with moving blankets and have at lease two movers loading and unloading for extra care.
Fish Tanks – Fish tanks are always a challenge. You will have those fish hobbyists that will want to transport their fish long distances while still in their tank. This is quite difficult and near impossible. First, fish don’t do well in extreme temperature changes. The trip alone can kill them. Moving the tank empty is no problem. Do one of two things; sell your fish, or give them away. Start with a new set of fish when you arrive at your new destination. You can also transport your fish inside the vehicle with you where the temperature will remain constant. Use either a large enough container or fish bag. When moving the tank, however, do not empty the water out completely. You will want to keep the same bacteria and minerals in your tank or your fish won’t be able to adapt to the changes and die.
Pianos – Grand pianos can also be one of those things you may want to consider using a professional mover for. This is a big, heavy, and oddly shaped object. Grand pianos are expensive and delicate. Moving truck can strap and it hold down, which will prevent damages. You will want it wrapped in moving blankets as well. Having multiple movers will also aid you when loading and unloading the piano.
Furniture – Large and heavy furniture is quite obvious, but most especially your antiques. Whether it’s a dresser, hutch, and other furniture that holds value—both financial and personal—having them properly wrapped and protected is a priority. Again moving the old delicate and often very heavy furniture is better left to the professionals.
Artwork – Artwork, such as sculptures and paintings are one of those stressful items you might dwell on during the entire trip. They hold great meaning to you so make sure when packing regardless of size and weight that it is done carefully. If small enough to be packed with other items, make sure you give them plenty of padding between objects. If the art work can be packed in its own box, make sure there is no wiggle room. Pack it tight in the center of the box and with plenty of padding.

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All fragile items must be marked and shown which way it needs to be moved. Professional movers are not just young or strong men that got hired for their ability to move large objects. A lot of training goes with the jobs as well. We know how to load and unload items in your home with care and do it correctly. We also know what order to load the truck to prevent damages done to your personal possessions. If you are undergoing a local or long distance move, and are worried about your belongings, Good Time Moving & Storage will help you get all your possessions to your new home in a safe and timely fashion. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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