When you are undergoing a move we often forget some of the most basic steps to make the process smoother. Some of the things we can forget during a move can even cost delays and money. To ensure an efficient move it helps to avoid some of those forgetful elements of a move. Good Time Moving & Storage will share some of the common things people forget during a move to help make you more aware, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient move.

What to Do with Children & Pets when Moving

The day the moving truck arrives and the truck begins to be loaded, often homeowners are caught off guard when they realize their children and pets need somewhere to go. Pets may wander off and young children can get in the way or get injured during a move. When the day comes to load trucks consider your children and pets. You may want to see if a friend or family member can watch them while you oversee the loading of the trucks. You could have a safe place where the kids and pets can play, perhaps the back yard or in an enclosed area to ensure their safety.

Where Can the Moving Truck Park?

When you arrange to have moving truck come to your home, apartment, or condo you will need to have a place for the moving trucks to park. You will also want to have the truck in an area that makes it easy to load the moving truck. For those with houses, clearing a space near the garage is optimal. For condos and apartments, contact the landlord and see if you need to reserve an area for the moving truck to park. Often when the trucks arrive, the homeowners are scrambling trying to find parking for the moving trucks.

Label Moving Boxes

When packing up an entire home, smaller items are packed away in boxes. These boxes are then loaded on the moving truck and then unloaded to the new home. When you forget to label the boxes it can make unpacking a nightmare. Boxes are opened not knowing what is inside, and often the boxes are constantly being shifted around. When the boxes are labeled by room, and content you can unloaded the boxes in the right areas and in the right order. The loading of the boxes are more efficient and less damages will occur knowing how to load the moving truck. When moving you may be surprised to see a simple thing as labeling the boxes can greatly improve the efficiency of the move.

Make A Moving Checklist

There are many elements to a move that can easily be forgotten. One way to help make a move go much more smoothly is by creating a checklist. A good moving checklist often includes:
• Moving Materials
• Reserve a Moving Service/ Storage
• Notify Utilities and Change Address Forms
• Declutter, Sale or Donate
• Considerations for Plants, Pets, and Children
• Organize Furniture, Boxes and Label Before Moving Day
• Coordinate Moving Trucks

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This is a basic list that can help you better prepare and not forget any aspect of a move. When you find you need help moving and need a quality moving services, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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