Moving is often a stressful time. There are things you can do to make it go as smoothly as possible. It’s important to keep in mind that making a long distance move is different than making a local move. Good Time Moving & Storage offer helpful tips for packing for a long distance move.

What is the Best Way to Pack for a Long Distance Move?

1. Make sure your belongings are insured. When your things are being handled by multiple people it’s easy for things to get damaged. The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) states that more than 80% of all moves have no claim filed. This means that up to 20% do, which means that items were damaged. There are different levels of coverage, so make sure you get the one that suits your needs the best. Be prepared in case something should happen to your belongings. Moving companies are experts and will help you decide which coverage is best.
2. It’s smart to keep the items you’ll need right away with you. These items include, but are not limited to your driver’s license, birth certificate social security card and passport. Sometimes you’ll need bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns before the rest of your possessions arrive. So any items you think you’ll need before your shipment arrives should not be placed in the moving truck. Make sure to pack some extra clothes and toiletries for the first two or three days.
3. When packing your belongings, pack them for a long trip. All items should be cushioned well. It’s smart to pack right up to the top so there’s not a lot of movement with the boxes. If some of your things are placed inside containers within the truck they may get shuffled around more so keep that in mind when packing.
4. It’s a good idea to organize boxes and pack then in the order you’ll need them. Pack all the things that you won’t need right away at the back of the truck, leaving the things you’ll need right away at the front for easier access. Mark all your boxes clearly.
5. Packing your mattress in a box will keep it clean as well as prevent it from getting bent out of shape, dirty and damaged. Your mattress can be compromised if handled incorrectly.
6. Do not pack food or liquids as they can become damaged during the move. These items can also open and attract insects or vermin. In addition, liquids can leak onto your possessions.
7. All your boxes need to have your name on them so that lost or misplaced boxes can easily be located and returned.
8. All shipments will have a “delivery window.” With the nature of long distance moving its almost impossible to give a customer an exact time of arrival. Make sure you’re aware of your “delivery window” as it can be a week or two! This is why it’s so important to pack enough clothing, shoes and anything that will keep you sane while waiting.

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Lots of stress can be alleviated when hiring a professional moving company for your local or long distance move. Give Good Time Moving & Storage a call!

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