One of the biggest and most common mistakes made when moving is packing items that should not be packed. When it comes time to move you do not want to bring unwanted items or pack items that don’t need to be in a box. During a move it is a lot of work to pack, load and unload the moving truck. It makes no sense to pack unwanted items or items better replaced. Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some examples of items that you shouldn’t pack when moving.

Declutter & Purge Unused Items Before Bid Move

Over the course of time children will outgrow toys and you will likely grow tired of decorations and even furniture. Often it is not until a move that homeowners begin to realize that there is a lot of items they have kept even though their children or even themselves have outgrown its use. Some examples of items that the family have outgrown often include clothing, kid size furniture, toys and even books. When it comes time to move you will run into household items you never use. A good rule to follow is if there is an item in your home you haven’t used in over one year you may want to consider getting rid of it. If you will not use it, why pack it? When packing unused items they take up room in the moving truck and add more work and time to the move. To save yourself some money, time and trouble, avoid packing unused items.

Get Rid of Old Appliances when Moving

When it comes to a move you must make a decision on whether or not you should take your appliances with you. During a move, at times, a refrigerator, washer and dryer are loaded and taken to the new home. When it comes to taking old appliances with you there is a lot to consider. One, they take up a lot of room in a moving truck, and they can be hard to load and unload. Not only can moving appliances be challenging, will the new home already have appliances? If the new home already has appliances then it makes no sense to take your appliances with you. When it comes to appliances, sometime it is wise not to take old appliances with you during a move. Many people often prefer leaving the appliances which adds to the value of the home and buying new appliances provides a fresh start.

Don’t Take Unwanted Furniture With You to New Place

It is not always easy to buy new furniture when moving into a new home. This is why many households will take their furniture with them. When it comes to taking along furniture during a move, it is natural to bring most of the furniture with you. However, if some of the furniture is in poor condition, consider not bringing them during the move. By reducing the amount of furniture you take, you will provide more room in the moving truck and decrease the number of large pieces of furniture to move.

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Depending on the conditioned of the unwanted items, you can throw them away, donate them, or do a pre-move garage sale. If you need help packing and moving, contact Good Time Moving & Storage today.

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