When you are undergoing a move it can be an exciting time. Moving to a new home is a promise of a fresh start. For many people, moving into a new home can also be stressful. There is a lot to do, especially just before the movers arrive. To help reduce the stress from off the move, Good Time Moving & Storage will share how to prepare for the movers to help you stay on track and avoid any last minute hiccups.

Downsizing Home & Decluttering Belongings

After hiring a moving service and you have your moving date scheduled, you will want to begin packing, and most importantly, downsizing. In every home there are items that haven’t been used in years and will most likely never be used again. To make a move easier and less stressful, get rid of unused items. There are many ways to get rid of undesirables such as garage sales, donating, recycling, or order a dumpster and begin throwing away the junk.

Packing Materials for Moving

As you grow closer and closer to your moving date, you will want to be properly packed. Once you have reserved your moving date, start getting all of your moving materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and packing tape. You can start packing up certain items early such as decorations and items you don’t use every day. As you grow closer to your moving day, then you begin packing the rest of your belongings.

Cleaning Before Moving into a New House

By being organized and preparing early, you often have time to begin preparing the new home. Not everyone will have the keys to a new home before their moving day. However, if the occasion occurs, while the new home is empty, now is the time to prepare the home before you bring in boxes. You will want to clean the home and do any changes such as painting. It is much easier to prepare an empty home instead of one full of boxes.

Baby or Pet Sitter when Moving

For families with young children or pets, overseeing a move can be very difficult to say the least. Consider seeking a babysitter and or pet-sitter to watch over them as the parents tend to the details of the moving day. With the kids and pets having a safe place to play and stay busy, the parents can remove a small amount of stress while they move.

Moving Strategies

Before moving day and you have access to your new home, it is important to develop a moving strategy. When creating a moving strategy you will need to determine where you want your items unloaded and where is the best place to bring in larger furniture. You may want certain boxes brought to their designated rooms or stored in the garage. You may have a wider door which will make bringing in the furniture easier. Don’t wait until the movers arrive at your new and then decide where to begin unloading or how you plan to bring in the furniture. The better prepared you are, the better you can communicate with the movers and how you want to unload the moving truck.

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These are but a few of the ways you can prepare for your moving day and for the movers to arrive. For quality moving services, contact Good Time Moving & Storage.

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