To reduce the strength and the workload, hiring a professional is ideal. However, even if you feel like you should, you may not be able to help your movers load boxes or furniture on the big day. There are things you can do that will help your movers expedite the process and make moving day smoother. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to share some tips.

How Can I Make Moving Day Easier?

1) Ensure moving boxes and items are ready for loading. You may still need to pack or prepare a few items even if you’re not doing most of the packing. Strip the beds or pack up any camping gear you used on your last night in your old home after you wake up. Make sure to unplug electronics and bundle the cables to keep them from catching on anything.
2) Label moving boxes. Be certain they are all ready to go when the movers arrive if you have packed your own boxes. They all should be all packed, sealed, and labeled. To make your boxes easier to scan and identify on the go, choose a reliable labeling system. Your labeling strategy can make the entire process run faster. Don’t overpack your boxes while you’re at it. To keep your movers from getting too strained to carry them, put only light items in large boxes.
3) First-day items need to be separated. A first-day or “essentials” box is important for every move. For your first day in a new home, these are the things to pack. In case the movers don’t arrive when you do you don’t want them on the truck. There’s a good chance you still have them in the home when movers arrive since these items are essential. Make sure the movers understand that area you keep these things are not to be loaded.
4) Clear pathway for movers. From the house to the truck, you want the movers to have the straightest shot. No one wants loading time to take any longer than necessary. Keep a pathway to every room clear of boxes and tripping hazards. If necessary, it should be wide enough for a hand truck or an appliance dolly.
5) Make sure the kids and pets safe on moving day. Moving day can be extremely exciting or frightening for kids and pets. They can easily get in the way or distract your attention, which can lead to injury. If you don’t have a plan for them, they can end up with an injury from moving feet or wheels. Whenever, consider having pets and kids with a trusted friend or family member while loading the truck. If necessary, put pets in their carriers for transport, and keep them in a quiet, calm room.
6) Be available to movers. Stay available to answer any questions that they may have since pro movers might need to consult with you on moving day. You might be the only one that can address their specific problems as the homeowner. Be certain they have your cell number or some way to reach– you just in case if you need to step out.

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