When it comes to moving, there are a lot of tasks that need doing. There are some many available tools that can make the job a lot easier. We at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to relate a fraction of those tools to help make your move easier.

What Do Movers Use for Moving Boxes, Appliances, Furniture, Artwork & More

1) Forearm Forklift. You can alleviate up to 66% of the weight of up to 800 pound objects with this tool featuring pairs of straps strategically placed under the item you need to move. They easily fold wrap, or hang conveniently out of the way to avoid taking up valuable space.
2) Hi-Craft Lift-and-Carry Panel Mover. Large mirrors or bigger framed pictures can be moved with ease. Panel movers are designed specifically to haul heavy, flat things around as you need.
3) Dolly Carts. Dolly carts, hand carts, or hand trucks are all one in the same and very handy on moving day. They are designed to move multiple boxes all at once, despite the weight. Just be sure to load the heaviest boxes on the bottom and go lighter as the stack gets higher. Once you have them where you want, tilt the cart back and push or pull it along to your truck or into your home. This tool saves time and reduces labor.
4) 4-Wheel Hand Carts. Available for purchase or rent, they are designed similarly to the 2-wheeled dolly cart, but equipped with 4 wheels for heavier and wider loads.
5) Floor Sliders. Made small, these puck-shaped disks assist in moving heavy pieces of furniture across a room. By placing one slider under each foot of the piece of furniture, you then can slide it around with ease.
6) Common Packing Aids. Investing in quality boxes, tape, including packing and duct tape, along with moving blankets, box cutters, scissors, bubble wrap, packing paper, bundling stretch wrap, fresh markers, an custom crates go without saying, but worth mentioning. These materials will ensure the safety of loading and unloading as well as transporting your household possessions.
Moving Accessories: Bungee cords, cargo straps, zip ties, and rope can help you in your efforts of securing your boxes, furniture, and other possessions in open truck loads if you are moving some of your stuff on the long distance move. Each offers their own benefit and with proper application, they come in handy. They are inexpensive, and whether you plan on using them or not, having them accessible for any situation can offer an ideal solution.
7) Hand Tools. Hand tools, including a cordless power drill should be in every homeowner’s tool box, whether or not you are exceptionally handy. A general tool kit generally costs less than $100 and the variety of tools that are available as you need them will be a life saver. We recommend a tool kit that includes long-nose pliers, a level, a tape measure, claw hammer, a socket wrench with some common socket sizes a set of screwdrivers, LED Flashlight, and other tools that will help you take apart the furniture or other large items that are safely moved after being broken down. The tool kit will continue to serve you even after your move, making it a wise investment.
8) Reaching Tool. A reaching tool comes in handy when there is something just out of arms length when you put stuff away or packing up. Very convenient addition to your long distance move equipment.

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There are many other tools and equipment that can help ease the burdens of moving, but these are optimal and go a long way. If you are planning a local or long distance move, consider investing in a professional. Good Time Moving & Storage provides a number of services to get you successfully moved over long distances.

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