There is a lot of consistency about de-cluttering your home when a move is inevitable. Many professionals recommend donating the items in your home you simply do not need or want any more if you do not want to deal with the hassle of selling it. Decreasing the size of your load when getting ready for a move saves you time and cost, not to mention it gives you the perfect opportunity for getting rid of items you no longer want or need. But some folks do not know what can be donated or even where. The best thing to do is look in your area and see what it has to offer, many donation centers will offer complimentary pickup for large donations. Today, we at Good Time Moving & Storage would like to expound on donating your household items before the big long distance move.

How Do You Declutter & Donate?

Most organizations will take nearly anything you have to offer. Note that trash, abused clothing, and broken items, or items that do not contain all the essential parts should be just discarded. Generally the donation centers have lists on their websites of items they are prohibited from accepting. But with so many options to choose from, a lot of your gently used items can be donated to centers that will put the items to good use.
Clothing, Furniture, Bedding, Kitchen Supplies and Toys – Thrift shops and non-profit stores such as Salvation Army, Good Will, etc will take a lot of your gently used items and sell it 2nd hand to those on a limited budget. They also work with local shelters to help ensure people receive proper clothing and supplies. If you prefer, you can directly donate to the local shelters and support agencies your household items, especially the clothing and bedding is needed at these places which is then given to local shelters and other support agencies that work with individuals to help them get back on their feet.
Books, Magazines and Office Supplies – Used book stores, libraries, shelters and support services, literacy groups, schools and day care centers are thrilled to obtain your books, magazines and other office supplies. Many day care centers and schools are also eager to take gently used crayons, pencils, markers, and other crafting supplies. If you have quite a bit of these items, you can spread them out over the different centers and ask them specifically what they will take or are in need of.
Computers and Electronics – Outdated computers and electronics that are in working order are accepted in many donation centers, from thrift stores and non-profit shops, to schools and community centers, as well as non-profit agencies and shelters, all of these examples will happily take your computers and electronic equipment off your hands. Before donating it, make sure your computer’s pieces do work and that you’ve erased the hard drives of any personal information.
Sports and Athletic Equipment – There are many non-profit agencies, thrift shops, and community centers that would love to inherit your functioning sports and athletic equipment. Whether they are sold second hand or used to assist in therapeutic activities at the various shelters and centers, the equipment is extremely useful. Anywhere that accepts your household donation will provide an itemized receipt for records, as your charitable donations is a tax right-off I you so choose.

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